Housatonic Amateur Radio Club
25 Years of Service (1995-2020)


The October issue of our newsletter has been uploaded to the Newsletter section of this web page.

The members of the Housatonic ARC would like to welcome our newest member Alex N1AK, who accepted our membership invitation on September 5, 2020. When you see Alex, please congratulate him on being in our club!

We came in FIRST in CT and FOURTH in New England in Multioperator, Single Transmitter, High Power Category! Congratulations to our operators: Ned KA1CVv, Dave KB1LTW, Dan N3DAW, Alex N1AK & Gary WE1M. See the new AWARDS section on Page Two!

We will operate in the upcoming CQ World Wide DX SSB Contest October 24-25, 2020. Look for N1KT on the air!

We will operate in the upcoming ARRL Sweepstakes SSB Contest November 21-23, 2020. Look for K1WAS on the air!

Our next robotic monkey launch scheduled for this Summer has been postponed until at least January 2021. Stay tuned for details as they develop.

Our team has been chosen to mentor Graduate Students and travel out west to launch high altitude helium balloons during annular solar eclipse totality.

Our team has been chosen to mentor Graduate Students and travel to upstate NY to launch high altitude helium balloons during solar eclipse totality.

October 24-25 CQ WW DX SSB
Nov 21-23 Sweepstakes SSB
October, 2023 - Solar Eclipse. Travel west for annular totality.
April 8, 2024 - Solar Eclipse. Travel to upstate NY for totality.

Don't get caught below the KT boundary, rise above with N1KT!

per Ardua ad Astra!


President: Lawrence J. Reed, AB1JC
Secretary Treasurer: Thomas W. Moyher, ESQ N1UNT
Technical Officer: Michael J. Miciukiewicz, K1MJM
Youth Coordinator: Jennifer L. Coderre, N1ZZY
Director1: Kenneth E. Johnson, NE1CU
Director2: David H. Schadlich, KB1LTW
Webmaster: David H. Schadlich, KB1LTW
Trustee: Gary T. Moyher, WE1M


Housatonic Amateur Radio Club

The Housatonic Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1995 to foster the development of Amateur Radio and advanced Ham Radio operating techniques, both through theory and on the air practice. To provide a suitable environment of camaraderie and support within which members, spouses and their children can obtain a better understanding of amateur radio, gain a proficiency in the art of amateur radio, and to have some fun.

HARC is an ARRL affiliated club!


"Direct Currents" is the official newsletter of the Housatonic ARC. It chronicles our club activities including contesting, awards, pictures and stories. Direct Currents is published monthly. Issues are here in PDF format.
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In the Summer of 2017, HARC members (as part of a team) went to Paducah, KY under a NASA grant to launch high altitude research balloons during the solar eclipse. In addition to HARC members, the team consisted of Professors from the Univ of Bridgeport & Univ of Hartford, Graduate Engineering students, members of Bridgeport's Discovery Museum and the Connecticut Space Consortium.

May 6, 2018: Two students, Hritish Bhargava and Sam Zhang KC1HOD, won the Birkmaier Award for Promising young students in Science. Hritish was on the Eclipse Wx Balloon Team mentored by our club Trustee Gary WE1M and Sam was on the Eclipse Photography Balloon Team mentored by our club President Larry AB1JC during their 2017 trip to Paducah, KY. Award presentation took place at the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport CT.
There was also a book signing by Dr. D. Grinspoon Planetary Biologist and Dr A. Stern, Principal Investigator for the New Horizons spacecraft which went to the planet Pluto in 2015 and Kuiper belt object 2014 MU69 in January 2019.
Yes, Pluto is a planet!
For pictures, click on the link below.

June, 2018: HARC members, as part of the Univ of Bridgeport & Discovery Museum team, visited Vermont Technical College's CubeSat Laboratory.
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Additionally here is a photo library of HARC members contesting and other HARC events. These photo docs are in PDF format.
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Housatonic Amateur Radio Club
Stratford, Connecticut USA

QSL Info

Grid FN-31, CQ Zone 5, ITU Zone 8, Fairfield County, 10-X 67120, SKCC# 3980

REVISED QSL POLICY: Due to a few reasons, QSLing digitally, whether by eQSL or LoTW has become a real pain. Remembering what my Nuclear Engineering Professor said long ago, "Simplifying assumptions simplify", I have decided to follow his sagely advice and made the decision to simplify QSLing.

EFFECTIVE JAN 1, 2019, electronic QSLs of any type will no longer be answered nor confirmed. I will clear out all eQSL cards by Dec 31, 2018. If you wish to QSL in 2019 or beyond, please send a QSL card to WE1M or NE1CU via US Mail. We will also honor the bureau for DX. An SASE is preferred but is not necessary. Our QSL card will quickly be sent back to you by US mail (or bureau). This may sound draconian to some, but as QSL manager, I just got tired of some members using computer logs, others sheets of paper, still others scraps of paper and still others piles of tiny scraps of paper for their log book of club contacts. This is especially painful when I must sort and manually enter all this discordant information into our computers post-contest. No matter how many times I voiced them, my concerns never seemed to be absorbed nor reach home. So there you have it! We now only respond to analog QSLs via snail mail or bureau!

QSL N1KT via WE1M, NE1CU or Bureau & we will gladly send our QSL card in return.
Our previous call sign was KB1BRB. We will gladly QSL KB1BRB contacts.


Nathan Hale Sp Event QSL Info

This event is over. No further QSLing will occur.


PT Barnum Sp Event QSL Info

This event is over. No further QSLing will occur.


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